Today’s Media is Getting Really Old

Watching the mainstream media today will at the least cause you to become nauseous. Since the swearing in of Donald Trump, I have tried several viewing plans to keep the sickening propaganda to a minimum, and it’s no longer working. In January I started out by watching FoxNews for 80% of the time I chose to watch cable news. That went well for the first month, although I quickly got bored by the “Trump Train”. So in February I decided to change to watching CNN 80% of the time.

How insane is the world of cable news? When Shepard Smith of FoxNews reports a story negatively on Trump, the Trump supporters call for his head. Shep trying to objective on a right wing cable network brings out the crazies saying he is a left loving CNN wannabe. Damn, what happened to unbias reporting?

Possibly the worst move I could’ve made. As bad as FoxNews was/is for Trump, CNN is the exact opposite. CNN trips over themselves to bash anything remotely associated with the Trump administration. They take it a step farther than Fox in that the talk show hosts (who claim to be news anchors) will cut off the person they are interviewing if what they say does not fit the message CNN is trying to give. It’s the furthest thing from objective news that is on cable TV. Even Fox will let the guest speak before trying to destroy their point on a subject. Anderson Cooper seems to still be the only semi-objective face on CNN. They are so absorbed with themselves, they still claim to be “The Number One Source of News” even though they rate lower than MSNBC. No doubt after Rachel Maddow’s debacle recently, CNN may jump up a position.

For two days I tried MSNBC for 80% of my news watching, and that is all I could take. If you tune in at night, it’s all about knocking Trump, drawing lines between the most obscure “facts” to build a case against him in any way possible. I think they hope that one day they will hit the mark. Sort of the blind squirrel theory. I stopped giving them 80% of my news watching time quickly.

Now I try to split the “big 3” evenly, but will no doubt stay on one a bit more due to being distracted by something going on in the real world. But for the most part, it seems to be working. I haven’t thrown one thing at the television since switching to this method.

Having said that, it’s clear to me that no one can get their daily news in an objective manner from one cable source anymore. IF you believe some of the stories, even the President has been sucked into the worm hole called MSM. Allegedly he gets his news from Fox, which is 99% right wing. That only helps those on the right looking for some rebuttals to CNN and MSNBC. Flip that explanation around and you see why watching the other two won’t provide you objectivity either.

So what I caught myself doing more and more is jumping on twitter to obtain the real news of the day. If you do to, you know that this could be dangerous in that there are many, many truly fake news sources out there. They are far worse then our grandparents’ “scandal sheets” in that sometimes it is really hard to tell you are viewing a fake news website. But after a few trials and errors, you’ll find out what to look for.

So now many wonder how the heck “alt”-right organizations like InfoWars and Briebart became so popular. They are seeing success because the MSM is choosing sides, no longer just reporting the news but telling us what to think, how to feel and trying to get us to act on that.

There are people out there that still to this date don’t understand what Obama meant by visiting “57 States”. Google it, he was accurate. Why is this still alive as a story, because the alt-right is still kicking that dead horse. Much like the left kicking the dead horse that is the crowd size at the inauguration. Really, can anyone believe that Trumps inauguration would draw more people than the first black President’s inauguration? If so, you need a reality check my friend.

Why are those stories still alive? Because of “news” reporters like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. I remember trying to listen to Rush back in the day and it was really hard to do. Mr. Knowi-it-All that never did a thing for the common good. Alex Jones is just as bad only with knowledge of new technology. 80% of his broadcasts seem as if someone just kicked his dog before he went live. Clearly he was/is a fan of the “shock-jock” days of radio. For those too young, radio used to be a big thing before cable and MTV.

InfoWars and Briebart have a few good journalists, but as usual the loudest ones get the lime light (see also Hannity). Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars does a great job when he isn’t sprinkling in a lot of comedy during his reporting, as an example.

I am still shocked that there isn’t an investor out there that has a few hundred million laying around who wants to provide the world with truly objective news. I would think that network would be a slam dunk success!.

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