CNN Proves they are Biased

One only needs to change channels between the big three cable news networks to find out which one is the worst in any given story. As the Trump administration continues it’s crackdown on illegal immigration, it’s been covered in depth by all of the MSM, and all of them give their usual bias spin on the topic. What I found interesting was how far CNN went in fulfilling their agenda driven lean to the left.

The video is from YouTube user News Channel

Take notice of the news banner. It’s states “HUNDREDS ARRESTED IN IMMIGRATION RAIDS ACROSS U.S.” This is 100% inaccurate as ICE did not arrest immigrants, they arrested illegal iimigrants, undocumented¬†immigrants. But despite this, CNN is continually misrepresenting the story both in type and when reporting. Their anchors and “expert” pundits all leave off the words that describe the immigrants being “arrested” (detained, deported).

Not surprisingly FoxNews is reporting the story this way:

Video is from YouTube user Mass Tea Party – Wake Up America!

Fox swings the pendulum all the way to the right, stating “HUNDREDS OF ILLEGALS ARRESTED IN ICE RAIDS”. A little too harsh for many I assume, but there again, the banner is incorrect. Undocumented Immigrants are the people being arrested, detained, deported.

Surprisingly MSNBC is the most accurate in this report:

They have however resorted to CNN’s mis-information of stating these are immigration raids in other reports over the last few days.

What is really going is nothing new. During the last eight years ICE has actively pursued undocumented immigrants and deported them. The difference being that a majority were detained at the border before they became established inside the United States, so the deportations were really denied entries. The Obama administration also chose to not highlight the activities of ICE to the levels that the Trump administration has been doing.

Mr. Trump ran his campaign noting that deportation for illegal immigrants was a top priority if he were to be elected, so naturally the administration needs to promote the actions of ICE when they can.

The problem is the MSM has been corrupted to lean left or right depending on the network. This causes the news being reported to become propaganda rather than news. So a group of immigrants watching one network over the other, or reading one newspaper over the other, will get very different views of what is going on (as will anyone else).

The fact of the matter is that ICE will come for an undocumented immigrant with a criminal record first, and the stiffer the crime committed, the higher the priority. While searching for those people, now ICE has been instructed that they are able to deport anyone they come in contact with while searching for the main person, who may also be undocumented.

If ICE would deport all immigrants, there would be very few people left in the country. Nearly every American is an immigrant except for the Native Americans. So when CNN starts shoveling the message that immigrants are targets of ICE, remember that is all left-wing bullhockey.

Trump may have a communication issue or two, but he has never said that he want’s to deport all immigrants The only people that has said that all immigrants are being targeted, is the mainstream media. Not only is this inaccurate, fear mongering but it is also FAKE NEWS.

I truly understand that I may support the left and you may support the right (or vice versa), but I can not understand how a news outlet can support ANYTHING but the news itself. MSM continues to fail the American people and the world creating fake news and a fog of reality.

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