CNN was Unbiased for Almost 5 Minutes on 2/28/2017

For all of 5 minutes CNN was actually non-biased, some could even say leaning right, immediately after President Trump’s joint session speech on 2/28/2017. In fact, Van Jones actually praised Mr. Trump stating “at that moment he became President.” when commenting on a moment in which President Trump acknowledged Mrs. Owen, the US Navy Seal who died during the recent raid in Yemen.

The video is from the CNN YouTube channel.

After this commentary, the entire expert panel seemed to agree and even go further that yes, Mr. Trump is being Presidential, the speech was his best to date. But then the flagships of CNN stepped in to bring the left agenda shoveling network back to the path they’ve been on for years. Jake and Wolf were quick to swoop in and correct this strange concurrence of reporting the news fairly, thank god.

The previous video is from Billy Morgan’s YouTube Channel

The slide down the biased cliff was quick. By the end of the hour CNN was comfortably covering the speech in the biased method they cover all the news. Hopefully Jake and Wolf will be rewarded for saving the machine, that was a close call!

When I research the MSM cable networks, I start with CNN because in my opinion, they are the network that began as a true un-biased source of the actual news events in the world. True, it was at the inception of the network many years ago, but being that they were an unbiased source of news at one time, maybe they are the only one of the three that can actually return to that mode.

After seeing CNN return to their normal battering of the right, I stopped by MSNBC and they were as they always are, hard left. After viewing their coverage immediately after the speech, they too for a few minutes seemed to be unbiased, but like CNN it didn’t last long. Need I even mention that Fox News was hosting a right wing lovefest? Nah.

Jumping on twitter to observe the non-tv based news reporting, I was quickly distracted by amazingly disgraceful tweets from “respectable” accounts and/or people. So much so that I will be writing about that in my next post.

For those that are new to my blog, I started writing to show the pathetic state the MSM is in. I did not want to be pro left/right, but be anti-agenda driven news networks.

Why can’t anchors and reporters just deliver the story? Stop trying to sway the news consumers!

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