Trump One Ups Obama’s Media War

2/24/2017, the Trump White House barred CNN, L.A. Times, Daily News and a few other media outlets from today’s White House Press gaggle. In their absence Briebart News, One America News Network among others were invited in.

While this is a direct omission from a White House press gaggle in lieu of the daily briefing, it’s not the first time a President avoided or bashed a media outlet. That being said, one must wonder why this is occurring and how large of a restriction of freedom of the press this is.

Let’s try by first looking at this report by CNN, from the YouTube user TrumpTruthWatch.

Brooke begins by delivering the facts about what is going on. She tries to explain what a press gaggle is, but is slightly off. Brooke states that a gaggle is:

An informal gathering of reporters, print, radio, television coming together to be briefed in this case by the White House. You’ve seen the pictures, lot’s of reporters are included in that.

However, a press gaggle is:

A press gaggle (as distinct from a press conference or press briefing) is an informal briefing by the White House Press Secretary which (as used by press secretaries for the George W. Bush administration) is on the record, but disallows videography.

“Gaggles” historically refer to informal briefings the press secretary conducts with the press pool rather than the entire press corps….they were more or less off the record, and their purpose was mostly to exchange information – the president’s schedule and briefing schedule, from the administration side; heads-up on likely topics or early comment on pressing issues, from the news side…. (from Wikipedia).

So during a press gaggle, far less reporters are present than a daily briefing or a full press conference. So she and CNN are a tad off in this claim.

Brooke then tells the viewer:

This is so incredibly significant because this has never happened in this administration.

That’s not why this is significant, if it is at all. There are millions of things that have never happened in this administration, seeing as this administration is not even 2 months old. This administration hasn’t had an Easter Egg hunt, a Thanksgiving turkey pardon, a Christmas Tree lighting, a Fourth of July celebration, so we should understand the significance of those events when they happen if we believe Brooke and CNN.

She continues by then saying:

Just a little context . . .we heard from the President this morning and he doubled down on his tweet essentially saying that the media is the enemy of the American people.

Again, CNN is wrong on a few things in that sentence. First, if you are giving context, you need to provide facts, using the word “essentially” means you are summarizing, which means leaving out facts no doubt. Which CNN did, here is President Trump’s tweet that Brooke is speaking of:

He did not tweet that the media is the enemy, he tweeted that the fake news media is the enemy. Not to mention that he also pointed this out during his speech at CPAC a few hours before Brooke’s reporting AND she states that CNN has been following the CPAC event all day and actually has a tape of the President walking to the podium at the event playing behind her. I think that CNN needs to pay more attention to what they are following, they totally missed this.

CNN then brings in their White House reporter to restate the “facts” of the story and include her opinions on why this is happening to which Brooke jumps on about the FBI story that CNN broke earlier in the day, even though the AP really broke the story and CNN picked it up.

Whether or not you agree with the White House’s actions, this is not the first time an administration has ignored a media outlet:

So what the Trump Administration did was double down on what the Obama administration did 5 years earlier. Does it make it right? Probably not, but the facts are the facts. Throughout history many administrations have battled with the press, which is a good thing if the battle is based in facts, not biased stories.

When will the mainstream media understand that the American public is starting to wake up? Do they really believe that we don’t catch that all the alphabet media networks have their own agendas they are trying to push?

When you present a story to the viewer and leave out key words of the subject of the story, as in:

Hundreds arrested in immigration raids across U.S

When in fact it should read:

Hundreds arrested in ILLEGAL immigration raids across U.S.

See how one word changes the whole subject CNN? No, of course you don’t.

Now whether or not this exclusion of media outlets from the press gaggle today is a major attack against the media, only history can tell. After all, there were other MSM in attendance as well as non-traditional outlets. The list of attending media outlets were:

NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News, Washington Times, the One America News Network, and Breitbart. Time and the Associated Press boycotted the gaggle.

Freedom of the press is vital to this country and the world, but just because a few MSM were not on the list doesn’t mean there is an attack on the media. You can easily have a good argument that since all media outlets aren’t allowed in, for whatever reason, to every briefing, then that too is a violation of freedom of the press.

Of course, when the new administration kicked around the idea of moving the briefing room to accommodate a larger number of media outlets, that wasn’t a good idea either. Seems like there may be a double standard here by some of the media.

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