CNN FAIL – Really CNN? – During Ben Taub Shooting Scare

On 2/22/2017 there was a possible shooting at the Ben Taub hospital in Houston, Texas. Sometime around 3:00pm est the news broke on twitter and shortly after on CNN. At first CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin teased the story while going into a commercial break. When they returned, Brooke had only the helicopter feed from CNN’s affiliate in Houston to work with.

After reciting what the voice in her ear told her to, which lasted about 2 minutes, Brooke added some insightfulness of a crack reporter, and then restated the facts that she just gave 3 minutes ago.

Then, to transition from the breaking news to more “breaking news” of President Trump either visiting the National Museum of African American History or the “breaking news” of the pending new travel ban, she chose this line:

“Now let’s get back to talking about the President.”

Even though I was not watching the television, had it on in the background while doing some home repairs, my head almost exploded. Did I hear her correctly? She just transitioned from a possible shooting at a hospital into the normal non breaking news of bashing the President and actually said that is what they are doing!

Come on CNN, you’re not even trying to hide the fake news spin you are spewing now.

I did a quick scan across the remaining MSM networks. Fox News was covering it as was MSNBC who even had an “expert” on telling us it’s probably going to be a mass victim situation because of the location in the hospital where the shooting took place (at the time it was thought to have happened in the trauma unit).

So CNN was the only MSM network to make the decision that a developing possible shooting in a large Houston hospital was not as newsworthy as kicking the four hour old story about President Trump’s visit to the National Museum of African American History and a yet to be released new travel ban.

The breaking news was “Possible Active Shooter at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Tx.” at that time. Why you might ask? Because the news was actively occurring at that time! CNN, not that we didn’t know prior to today, is on it’s own little planet way out on the edge of reality. They bring in pundits and experts to try to convince the viewer of what their version of the news is, or what is news for that matter.

Therefore, CNN is fake news. Will they ever understand this?

Will CNN ever change?

Thankfully, the possible shooting turned out to be false, or at least no suspect or victims were found.

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