Where the MSM Fails, Citizen Journalists Rise

Over the last weekend the MSM would have us believe the biggest news story in the United States is that President Trump is in West Palm Beach for the third week in a row, the new administration is breaking records in the area of dysfunction, or that the media is in fact truthful and fair. Nevermind the continuing protests, the successful SpaceX launch, the serious natural disaster(s) happening in California or hundreds of other newsworthy stories that went unreported. Thankfully you, us, we the “citizen journalists” are rising up to fill the enormous void in news coverage. @MyAmerica120 , Sean D, is one of those citizen journalists.

From the harrowing moments Sean was caught in the evacuation, to today, Sean has been keeping the country, the world really, updated via his live streams on Periscope as to the status of the situation in Yuba city as ย well as the Oroville Dam. Starting during the evacuation, the whole world was able to watch live on the ground updates of Sean who was not only capturing the events, but was also part of the events.

The MSM was shortly all over the story, because the rule in MSM is “if it bleeds, it leads”. They covered the situation for nearly 2 days, and that is being generous. But once the initial emergency passed, and there was no catastrophe, the MSM left the scene and went back to the same dribble they usually feed us.

However, the story was not finished in Yuba City nor at the Oroville Dam and in fact, is continuing as I write this article. Quicklyย the amount of sources of updated information on the crisis went from a firehouse to less than a trickle. Even when this weekend began with record setting rainfalls for the entire state of California, little coverage was to be found on MSM. At best we could catch, if we’re lucky, a four minute update on the weather and a quick comment about the repairs at the dam.

Thankfully Sean D was and is still reporting the story.

Sean is an excellent example of how news is obtained now. The MSM is merely a bullhorn of their ownership’s views and ideals. Only when a story is so large that it demands to be covered, do we see real reporting by the alphabet news outlets. It’s a gross misuse of network airwaves. It’s a condition that no doubt has Walter Cronkite spinning in is grave, it’s a national embarrassment.

On the flip side of that, we need to be thankful for the technology we have around us 24/7 in the 21st century that enables us to seek and find the truth in the world and national events that are passed on by the MSM.

Do you remember when the United States captured Osama Bin Laden? That news was broke on Twitter, not on the MSM. The MSM was scrambling trying to figure out what was going on. For 45 minutes(some could say for 12 hours), Twitter had the story and it spread like wildfire. Even CNN sort of admitted defeat in this article “How Bin Laden News Spread on Twitter“.

I remember watching Twitter days before the Libya crisis was addressed by coalition forces. The pleas of the people being attacked by Gaddaff led forces for trying to get the truth out. I watched as a live stream went silent, only to find out the next day the person hosting the feed was murdered for speaking out against the tyrannical government. None of that was on MSM before official action was taken by the coalition. They were too busy debating on whether or not to help in the crisis and what political backlashes would come while innocent people were dying.

Sean and many more like him, will continue to bring us on the ground reporting with no filters added. The way news used to be, reporting not commentating.

Kudos to Sean and all the other citizen journalists out there for helping get the information out to the world in a raw and truly unbiased way!

The MSM has been dead for 6 years now, they just don’t realize it yet.

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