Jake Tapper Crosses the Anchor-Commentator Line

On February 15, 2017 Jake Tapper of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” crossed the line between news anchor and commentator. While reporting on a statement President Trump gave earlier in the day during a joint press conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jake chose to not only comment on the answer, but take large jabs at the President showing two past examples of then candidate Trump’s conspiracy theories he voiced during the campaign.

During the first moments of the report, CNN displayed a banner stating “Fake Media” didn’t fire Flynn, Trump did”. Actually, General Flynn resigned, yes at the President’s request, but resigned from his position, he did not get fired. So straight out of the gate CNN is mis-reporting an event.

Jake then explains how investigative reporting revealed to the American people that Flynn had lied to them and Vice President Pence about his discussing sanctions with the Russian government. He then claims President Trump knew as early as January 26th of the discussions of the sanctions, however many reports state that the Justice Department informed President Trump that Flynn could be open to blackmail by Russia due to contacts he had with them as stated in a report from Newsweek posted on 2/13/2017, as well as other sources. Another manipulation of the truth by CNN and Tapper.

Tapper then claims that President Trump didn’t act on it until the media pressured him into doing so. There is no reporting on whether or not the President acted on the information he was given by the Justice Department. He could’ve done a million things, or nothing at all and left the investigating to the Justice Department. We do not know either way as of this post. Tapper is assuming.

Tapper does get it right that the Vice President seems not to have been included in the Justice Department briefing and did learn of Flynn’s lies through the media.

He then shows the tweet from President Trump calling CNN and MSNBC fake news and stating that foxandfriends is great. Well, all three are the same evil, just different beasts.

This prompts Tapper to launch into the review of President Trump’s past conspiracy theories. Finally ending with giving us all, though more directed towards President Trump, a morality lesson.

Since I’ve launched this blog I have fought hard to be non-biased. To show how the mainstream media has changed from a source of news to 90% commentary. Hopefully the non-biased will remain intact after this post.

Tapper and CNN just proved that they both are serving an agenda of their own. When you stray from reporting the news and begin blending it into commentary without noting it is a commentary piece, you now longer are reporting news. It’s wrong in every aspect of the tradition of news media, if there is any tradition left. Tapper has in the past been a decent reporter, anchor, a trusted face for information but recently has chosen to become involved in the news rather than deliver it.

The mainstream media needs to present the news, the facts not the opinions. Stop slanting the news to your needs, your message. People look to the cable news networks for news of the day, to stay informed, not to be lectured to or be told how to feel about what they are seeing. That’s not journalism, that’s telling a story, relating a viewpoint, delivering a message.

Why did the sudden surge of “Fake News” websites and outlets suddenly begin to be believed? Because you, the mainstream media, aren’t reporting the news anymore, you are deciding the news and how the viewer should think and feel about that news. The basic rules of what is news have been replaced by basic rules to achieve ratings and/or support your outlets’ own agenda.

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