2017 UC Berkeley Riots, the Day After – MSM Fail

The main stream media’s coverage of the UC Berkeley riots was small to say the least. The coverage of the day after was non-existent. The only coverage I could find was the following video on CBS 5 KPIX out of San Francisco http://cbsloc.al/2jJ1sos .

The video embed link isn’t working.

During the riots at U.C. Berkeley, the main stream media chose their own prime time lineups over reporting the news of the riots. My previous post UC Berkeley Riots MSM Coverage Comparison, I showed what they covered and what they didn’t.

During the riots one thing was clear, the police didn’t engage in anyway other than to repeatedly issue warnings to disperse which fell on deaf ears. If you follow the link above to the local CBS website, you will find a little coverage of this issue, which is far more than seen on any cable news provider.

Why did all the MSM not cover the aftermath? Why did they not ask the questions surrounding lack of police action during the riots? Why did they not report the plight of the businesses that were destroyed by the rioters? Why not call out the local authorities who only arrested 4 rioters?

In my view the MSM feels we are too dumb to handle the truth. They need to recycle the “top” stories over and over while providing endless commentary on those few stories to prove each networks biased view on them.

Yet another fact that the MSM has an agenda and really doesn’t care about informing the viewer of the newsworthy events in the country.


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